The “ABCs of Plum Island, Massachusetts” only scratches the surface of all the highlights of the area. Here is a list of bonus fun facts to incorporate into your scavenger hunt of the historic sites. Share your own via email or using the hashtag #abcsofplumisland and tag @theabcsofplum on Instagram for a chance to be featured on this page.

Fun fact

The photo on the cover of the book was taken on Lot 3. After Jenn chose this photo for the cover, she and her husband took their own scavenger hunt to try and figure out which boardwalk was pictured. They knew it had to be a boardwalk facing east because the photo is a sunrise, not sunset. Another clue was the space in front of the boardwalk without rails. Once they thought they found it, they noticed the knots on the boards matched. Tony Baldasaro, the photographer of the photo, confirmed that he snapped the shot at Lot 3.

Can you find this exact location on the boardwalk? If you go check it out, just remember that this boardwalk is closed part of the year for the nesting piping plovers. This photo was taken in the summer of 2018, the moment they figured out the mystery.

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