The ABCs of Plum Island, Massachusetts

The ABCs of Plum Island, Massachusetts


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Explore Plum Island from A to Z!

This delightful children’s book celebrates the past and present of Plum Island, Massachusetts. Each letter highlights a special part of Plum Island and includes vivid photographs and short poems.

Take your child on a scavenger hunt around Plum Island with this book! Many of the poems are “found poems” that are created with words and phrases located on the island — in the signs at the Hellcat Wildlife Observation Area; in the artifacts at the Burgess Museum, in the displays at the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center, in a pamphlet from the Marine Fisheries Shellfish Purification Plant, and more. Some words are found in old newspaper articles about the island, and you can read the full articles in the book. Peek into the diary of a Plum Island Lighthouse Keeper and his family from the year 1911!


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9 reviews for The ABCs of Plum Island, Massachusetts

  1. Ed Carey

    This is a wonderful book for all ages masterfully blends old and new imagery and words. The author shares with us her connection to Plum Island while invoking memories of the same in the reader on multiple levels. If you have ever been to Plum Island this is a must have reminder and pictorial conversation piece. If you have never been, this is an great primer for a hidden gem of eastern seacoast that you can share with your children. This is not a book you pass over or place in a bookshelf, this is a book that is featured on coffee tables, reading nooks or by your favorite spot in your home to enjoy. This is a treasure. We received this book today and was it met with recognition, excitement, rememberances, and wonder. It is my child’s new favorite book inspiring plans of a return to have new adventures and to visit each location now with more clarity. We have both enjoyed this book and it has been read, shown, and shared multiple times.

  2. Jennifer Humphrey

    This book is fabulous for all ages! My kids and their grandparents enjoy the A ,B, C’s, of Plum Island as much as I do. It’s filled with wonderful history and nostalgia about this beautiful Island. This book will inspire you and if you can make the trip to Plum Island, it’s worth the visit! Bravo Jenn Bogard, this is wonderful addition to our library and most enthusiastically recommend it.

  3. Ann Piper

    The ABC’s of Plum Island is a treasure! Beautifully written poetry, amazing photography, and primary resources work together to paint a picture of this quaint island town. The author’s love for this magical place and its history shines through in her writing as well as her choice in images. If you have been to Plum Island or are planning a trip, this book is a must!

    *Note for teachers – This is an excellent resource for poetry writing lessons and how to use primary resources in writing. The possibilities are endless with this as a model and guide.

  4. Brenda Lusher

    The ABC’S of Plum Island is beautifully written with fun photos and so many interesting historical facts! Our kids enjoy learning about the island when we read it together.

  5. Sarah S.

    Plum Island holds such a special place in my and my little girl’s hearts that I could not wait for this book to arrive. But I was not prepared for the beauty of how the author went about this nor the personal connection she had to the lighthouse and history of the island that made each word and poem so genuine and heartfelt. The island is so beautiful and to find 26+ facts about it to highlight in the way Jenn B did just elevated that beauty for me and helped me get to know an old friend, which the island is to so many of us, better. I will share it more with my little girl but have been hogging it a bit since it arrived!

  6. lisa Donovan

    An amazing tribute to a very special place. Beautiful book!!!

  7. Alex Edgerly

    What a beautiful keepsake for young and old!

  8. Joni McNeal

    As the editor of this book, I was amazed at the level of research and care that went into it. It’s a great read for any age and introduction to found poetry. I love the author’s connection to Plum Island and its history.

  9. Sarah Humphrey

    I highly recommend this book! We are so lucky to be just a hop skip and a jump away from Plum Island!! This book brings Plum Island to life with its beautiful pictures! Very well written and great historical facts as well. Well done Jennifer Bogard:)

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