Demo Reel – Commercial and Narration

In search of a voice actor for your project? Jenn has the energy you need for your script. She provides custom voice recordings for a variety of professional scripts: educational videos, video games, animation, Audiobooks, documentaries, podcasts, movie trailers, radio, business products and services, and more. Feel free to use the form below to get started.

Age range of Jenn’s voice: child, teen, young adult
Language: English (North American)


“A fabulous, dreamy voice”

Jan Haley-Soule , actress, voiceover talent, writer

“Jenn has an authentic, expressive sound. Her voice is bright, friendly, and youthful and really brings a unique energy to each piece. She’s a pleasure to work with!”

Bridget Renshaw , voiceover, writer, comedian

“Jenn is a dream to work with in the studio. She brings her authentic energy and focus to each performance, while taking direction and switching gears effortlessly when needed. She is always positive, willing to take risks, up for trying new approaches and delightful to collaborate with. I can’t wait to work with her again!”

Claudine Ohayon, Voiceover Talent, Producer & Coach

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